The year is winding to a close and we want to ring in the New Year the best way we know how! ...A tailored mix of old friends, new friends, 90's jams, sparkly dresses, embarrassing dance moves, breathtaking views and just a bit too much champagne.

You and your beautiful self are corrdially invited to New Years Eve at Stamps Landing. Overlooking looking the False Creek Waterfront, our absolutely stunning NYE home will host two full stories of New Years Eve revelry (and more importantly - two dance floors). Live music upstairs, Y2K and top 40-inspired dance floor down stairs with our favourite Koerner's DJ. Sparklers and photobooth on the waterfront patio, and of course champagne at midnight!

So find some friends, put on something dashing (yes we both know it's time to wear that sparkly dress), and get ready to dance the night away at this classic and beautiful New Years Eve Party.

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The Calendar's Inaugural Boat Party [TICKETS ON SALE]

Bringing you summertime fun at student prices!

With tunes and vibrations inspired by summer music blogs like Majestic Casual and The Sound You Need, The Calendar is excited to announce it’s first ever Boat Party! Departing from False Creek, we will be travelling through English Bay and beyond on this multi level floating dance party!

To get everybody super stoked, we are bringing two of our favourite Calendar parties onboard and programming the entire boat with some unforgettable features! Stay tuned for all of the details :)

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The Calendar's Garden Party

We are pleased to announce our third instalment in our popular Garden Party concept at Koerner's Pub. We want to celebrate the ends of exams and the beginning of summer in Vancouver! And we ALSO need an excuse to rock them bow-ties, suspenders,and sundresses! We will be bringing back all the fairy lights, white triangle banners, mason jars full of beer and rigging up more white balloon than you can handle.

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POP-UP PARTY - The Calendar's Tropical Pool Party

Let the good times roooooll!! We are coming back with our 4th and final instalment of the school year! Classic college party vibes, indoor dance floor with a live music showcase 9-1030 followed by classic bar tunes and sing alongs. Outdoor chiller lounge for catching up and getting cozy! Bring your friends! Everyone welcome!

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Koerner's House Party #4

Bucket hats, floral prints, and lays encouraged but not required, we'll get some beers for people really killing it. Music and inspiration from, Thomas Jack, Kygo, Robin Shultz, Klingande, Bakermat, Clean Bandit and many more.

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UBC Spring Formal

The end of the year is finally here, and it’s time for everybody to celebrate in style! is delighted to present our first university wide Spring Formal! We're here to celebrate all things UBC, from super seniors to the Greeks, from undergraduate societies to CVC and everyone who calls this place their home! This is your school, your moment, say goodbye to classes with some class.

Ladies and Gentlemen, get ready to dry-clean those suits and dresses you've been trying to fit into since high school graduation, because we're bringing fancy back, and this time we're not talking about Iggy.

Enter onto the elegant courtyard of the Chan Centre, right next to the Rose Garden complete with a professional photo booth to capture you at your best. While there, make sure to try our sparkling drinks and hor d’oeuvres circulating the patio and enjoy the sweet sounds of acoustic UBC talent. Once inside, jam out with our live bands perched above the lobby, ending with a full blown dance party from a UBC DJ!

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here for the Facebook Event Click here to buy tickets.

The Calendar's Back To School Bash [TICKETS HERE!]

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The Calendar's | NEW YEARS EVE HOOK UP

- Entrance to Calendar's New Years Eve @ Manchester!! (9pm to 2am)
- Complementary Drink Ticket (cause we think your cute;)
- Champagne at Midnight (cause obvs)
- Live Music (#GetClassy)
- DJ (#TiesComeOff #HealsComeOff)
- NYE dress: sparkly dresses, hats, black bow ties!

PART II - Heading downtown!
- Entrance to Republic Nightclub NYE Party (1:30 to 4am)
- Entrance to 303 Columbia NYE Party (1:30 to 4am)

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Hula Hoops, Animal Suits, LED Poi, Feathers, Onsies, EL Wire, Wizards, Pokemon, Spirit Hoods & of course Glow Sticks. We are excited to announce our BIGGEST EVENT EVER: Digital Zoo. Created to bring the festival spirit home to Vancouver. The concept of Digital Zoo was born on the drive home from every music festival in the summer. "Why can't everyday be like this?" The event is inspired by festival culture, the lack of inhibition and connectedness we feel at the height of a festival. We want to create a space to bring this festival love home. Come along with us.










Early Bird [SOLD OUT]

Tier 1 [SOLD OUT]

Tier 2 [Available Here!]


For all the homies who are looking to do something OFF CAMPUS this Halloween. The Calendar is sorting you out ;). We have diddled with our friends at MAD DECENT and have sorted out a massive hookup for all Friends of the calendar xoxxo $40 CALENDAR HOOKUP | MAD DECENT HALLOWEEN -MINI CLUB CRAWL w/ CALENDAR & FRIENDS -BUS form UBC -DRANK TICKET -MAD DECENT HALLOWEEN TICKET

Click here for the Facebook Event. Click here to buy tickets

The Calendar Halloween [19+]

This is the place to rage the night away, drink some witchy concoctions and, most importantly, show off your masterpiece of a costume. Halloween is a night where you want to see and be seen, and what better place than right ON CAMPUS at our very own pub?

OUTSIDE PATIO AREA We are bringing the traditional backyard halloween with bobbing for apples, cozy seating, photo booth, social vibes and other Halloween classics!

INDOOR DUNGEON STAGE UBC's most progressive and underground DJs will be gracing the decks indoors in our medieval dungeon themed stage. We will be pumping deep house, glitch, nu house and trap all night.

OUTDOOR RAVE TENT STAGE Outside we have ordered a special CIRCUS STYLE RAVE TENT specifically for Halloween!! This will be complete with wicked decorations and a ghoulish mix of EDM, top 40 and electro house. So there you have it, the best parts of Halloween parties, all in one, where you and your friends can get weird and wacky at the Calendar’s first 19+ Halloween party EVER!

Click here for the Facebook Event. Click here to buy tickets

The Calendar Halloween [All Ages]

UBC Wildest All Ages Halloween Party. This will be the craziest highest energy party on campus on halloween weekend (we promise ;).

Once every seven years you get to do Halloween proper. Thursday is the 30th and Saturday is November. This year, THE ONLY Halloween is on Friday. SOOOOOO....strap yourself down and hold on to someone cute because The Calendar is about to set sail on our first FLAGSHIP event of the school year. This is the Calendar's FIRST ALL AGES PARTY OF THE YEAR and 4th ANNUAL ALL AGES HALLOWEEN. The event sold out in under 30mins in presale the last three years (like actually wtf) so keep your ears open for ticket details.

Click here for the Facebook Event.

The Calendar WAGON WHEEL [Tickets Here]

Giddy on up and get ready for a hoedown at the Calendar’s all new Western themed party! This is a riff off of our very popular Garden Party series but this time we're goin country!! As the weather begins to turn and we brace ourselves for the rain and cold, we thought one more outdoor party at the lovely Keorner’s Pub would be just what we need to say goodbye to summer nights! And what better way to do it than rockin out at wagon wheel??

SO get those cowboy boots, straw hats, cotton dresses, and checkered shirts out, because it’s time to party….western style! And of course we will be bringing back the fairy lights, white triangle banners, balloons, and plenty of mason jars filled with beer, along with some hay barrels and much more!!! And last but not least, we will have our infamous photo booth with all kinds of crazy western themed props and costumes, and photos taken by the talented William Selviz.

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IT'S BACK, we promised it would be! We are really really excited to announce the second instalment of our Garden Party concept at Koerner's. Everyone is getting back into town, Res will have just moved in the day before and we need a place to celebrate together!! And we ALSO need an excuse to rock them bow-ties, suspenders and sundress! We will be brining back all the fairy lights, white triangles banners, flower-pinecone centrepieces, mason jar's full of beer & special ;) pink lemonade, and rigging up enough white balloons to pick up a small baby. By overwhelming demand we are so excited to welcome back our friends LUKE WALLACE BAND. As the picnic tables get pushed out of the way Luke and that dirty banjo will kick off the open air dance floor followed by classic hits and sing a longs from our DJs.

And of course no Calendar event is complete without a new profile pic to show your mum, dad and friends back home just how awesome UBC really is. Formal themed props and photo booth by the talented William Selviz.

Click here for the Facebook Event. Click here to buy tickets


This is something we have been waiting to do for a LONG time and now its finally happening! We have an outdoor party space where we can host a FULL BLOWN FULL MOON PARTY outside under the stars. We will be transforming the entire outdoor garden into a massive multi level dance floor, uv lights, paint and lazers included!!! This will be our first full blown calendar style rager of the summer. Original Full Moon Buckets, Forest Rave Art, Light rigging, UV Lights, UV Body Paint Station, Trippy UV art hidden in the garden (Think Glowing Mushrooms, Cheshire Cat etc) Photo booth & YOU.

Grab your friends and roommates, pull on dem neon shorts and tank tops, get painted up and JAM OUT under the stars to your favourite electro beats till your feet our tired and your heart is full!

Click here for the Facebook Event. Click here to buy tickets

The Calendar's CANADA DAY BBQ >tickets here<

Building on the love and awesome vibes from our first ever Garden Party we are really excited to announce our next indoor/outdoor summer party. This time we are celebrating the birthday of our beautiful motherland in the most Canadian way possible: beers, sparklers, a giant BBQ, read and white lanterns, beer pong, friends, incredible live music on an outdoor stage, and a giant canada day cake! Think the traditional neighbourhood BBQ when you were younger with delicious burgers, potato salad, watermelon, good music, open air dancing and cozy vibes.

Click here for the Facebook Event. Click here to buy tickets

The Calendar's GARDEN PARTY <> Tickets Here

We are really really excited to announce are next full event. We miss everyone and it has been too long since are last big get together! We are trying out a brand new event idea and we want you all to be part of it! We are putting together on old school outdoor GARDEN PARTY complete with fairy lights, sundresses, bow ties, picnic tables, an open air dance floor and of course a photo booth for everyone to get some really nice photographs of everybody looking all dolled up.

Click here for the Facebook Event. Click here to buy tickets


You’ve survived (aced) tons of essays and countless midterms and projects and you should be proud of yourself for that. You should pop a can, a bottle ….or hey, how about a TIN OF PAINT?! Ladies and gentlemen, The proudly presents the third installation of Blank Canvas! Our final flagship event of the year and undoubtedly our most loud and outrageous.

Click here for the Facebook Event. Click here to buy tickets

UBC SPOILER ROOM <> Tickets Hurr

In short, the concept is to have DJ's play hour sets of alternative music, with the goal of showcasing great UBC talent right on campus. Everything will be filmed, photographed and recorded, so come and listen to some great music!

Click here for the Facebook Event. Click here to buy tickets

We're Hiring! Apply To Join The 2014/15 Exec Team!

Do you love planning fun events for your friends? Are you looking for an opportunity to meet a ton of new people from all over campus? Apply to be a part of The Calendar's Exec Team for the upcoming year! Below is a descriptive list of all positions available!

The Team!

The Calendar Exec Team is the leadership and steering group within The Calendar Team. They take their own, The Calendar’s Big Team and UBC’s ideas and put them into action. They’re an inclusive group of organized individuals who try to make campus a more fun place. The Exec Team’s term is from May 2014-April 2015 (you do not need to be in Vancouver for the summer, but you do need to be reachable). You do not need previous experience on The Calendar team specifically, instead, just a passion for student life and fun and other relevant experience! There are 3 Directors that are the main overseers of The Calendar. They lead The Calendar Team by keeping the fun and inclusive vision of The Calendar consistent. They manage a team of coordinators and furthermore a larger team of Reps. They work collaboratively as a small team, but also with specific areas within The Calendar. Director Positions can expect to commit approximately 10 hours a week on various projects, but this is variable depending on event timelines.

There are 7 Coordinators who also play a large role within the leadership of the team, but focus on specific aspects of The Calendar. A coordinator will be overseeing a team or project in a portfolio of The Calendar. The time commitment can be expected to be between 5-10 hours a week, but again, varies based on the events The Calendar will be putting on.

All Members of the Exec Team are expected to attend both a weekly, 1 hour Big Team meeting consisting of Reps and Execs, and a weekly, 1 hour Exec Meeting that occurs weekly, as well.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - DIRECTORS ( 3 ) - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

1 Internal Director (position filled)

Description: The Internal Director is responsible for supporting and directing The Calendar Team. They help the Internal Events Coordinator to create fun events that The Calendar Team can participate in. They are a veteran Calendar member and a major support system for the other two Directors. They also lead the hiring process for The Calendar. Be able to attend and facilitate all Exec and Big Team Meetings.

2 Content Director

Description: The person behind the Calendar’s social media channels, website and outgoing media. They manage The Calendar’s branding of all outgoing content.
Responsibilities: •Populating with relevant UBC events •Coordinate all outgoing social media content •Direct Photography Coordinator and Design Coordinator •Attending all Big Team and Exec Meetings •Manage on-campus partnerships with various groups on campus Skills Required: •Knowledge of The Calendar •Organizational Skills •Social Media Experience •Experience with Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop is an asset
Skills Expected to Gain: •Network Development •Brand Management

3 Events Director

Description: The Events Director oversees the various event portfolios under The Calendar. They are involved in everything from the space bookings, to management, to promotion of all Calendar events.
Responsibilities: •Coordinating The Calendar’s large-scale events •Managing the team of various event coordinators •Attending all Big Team and Exec Meetings •Coordinating and confirming all Calendar event dates
Skills Required: •Strong Event Planning and Management Skills •Strong Knowledge of the UBC Campus Culture •Ability to Multi-task Skills Expected to Gain: •Further Organizational Skills •Team Management Skills •Logistics •Network Development

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - COORDINATORS ( 7 ) - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

1 Special Events Coodinator

Description: The Special Events Coordinator is responsible for coordinating a team to bring UBC campus-wide events together, with the support of the Events Director! These events include Last Day of Classes Polar Bear Swim and other fun campus-spirit events.
Responsibilities: •Work in collaboration with the Events Director to plan, promote and manage the Last Day of Classes Polar Bear Swim and other fun campus-wide events •Attend all Exec and Big Team Meetings
Skills Required: •Creativity •Knowledge of Campus Life •Experience in Event Planning •A love of UBC Culture and Fun Skills Expected to Gain: •Team Management •Event Management •An increased knowledge of the UBC Campus

2 Upper Year Events Coordinator

Description: The Upper Year Events Coordinator is responsible for coordinating events targeted to UBC students who are 19 years of age or older. They work under the Events Director, to bring UBC campus events such as 90s Prom and Blank Canvas, along with others!
Responsibilities: •Work in collaboration with the Events Director to plan, promote and manage 90s Prom, Blank Canvas and other events •Attend all Exec and Big Team Meetings
Skills Required: •Experience in Event Planning •An awareness of UBC culture and what fun events they would like to see •Quick Problem-Solving Skills Expected to Gain: •Team Management Skills •Logistical Skills •Network Development

3 Calendar Sessions Coordinator

Description: The Calendar Sessions Coordinator brings local UBC and Vancouver talent to the main stage, by planning events to showcase local talent. They are both an event planner, and “talent scout” for The Calendar.
Responsibilities: •Plan, promote and manage The Calendar Session events alongside with the Events Director. •Actively find great UBC and Vancouver talent to showcase •Attend all Exec and Big Team Meetings
Skills Required: •An awareness to the local UBC talent scene •Event Planning Experience •Passion for local music Skills Expected to Gain: •Event Management •Team Management •Network Development

4 Photography Coordinator

Description: Coordinates The Calendar’s Photography Team to make sure that fun UBC events are being captured and albums are being uploaded to the facebook page.
Responsibilities: •Coordinate a team of photographers •Take photos/videos at events •Edit photo albums going up on the facebook page •Attend all Exec and Big Team Meetings
Skills Required: •Experience in photography/ videography •Experience in editing photos Skills Expected to Gain: •Team Management •Network Development

5 Design Coordinator

Description: The Design Coordinator is responsible for designing The Calendar’s artistic components. They work closely with the Content Director to produce The Calendar’s social media and physical design.
Responsibilities: •In collaboration with the Content Director, create all facebook event photos, cover photos, posters and various other artistic needs for The Calendar •Attend all Exec and Big Team Meetings
Skills Required: •Experience with Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator •Creativity •Understanding/willingness to learn about The Calendar’s look and vision Skills Expected to Gain: •Experience designing with the vision of The Calendar •Network development

6 Financial Coordinator

Description: Can be also be thought of as a Treasurer role. The Financial Coordinator is responsible for managing The Calendar’s spending.
Responsibilities: •Manage ticket sales and accountability of spending •Work directly with the Internal Director to plan spending •Attend all Exec and Big Team Meetings
Skills Required: •Organization •Interest in finance management Skills Expected to Gain: •Experience in managing a budget •Network Development

7 Internal Events Coordinator

Description: The Internal Events Coordinator works with the Internal Director to create a cohesive and fun culture within The Calendar team.
Responsibilities: •Plan and facilitate Team Socials •Assist the Internal Director with Meeting Facilitation •Attend all Exec and Big Team Meetings
Skills Required: •Inclusive personality •Team Building Experience Skills Expected to Gain: •Meeting Facilitation •Organization •Event Planning

To Apply!

To apply please send your resume and cover letter to
Applications are due Tuesday, March 11th at 11:59pm

1 Which positions you are interested in and why you are right for the role(s)! You can apply for more than one position if interested, but please give reasons, including previous experience, for all.

2 Why you want to be involved within a leadership position within The Calendar!

The Calendar Presents: 90's PROM (TICKETS ONSALE TODAY!!!!)

Click here for the Facebook Event. Click here to buy tickets


Click here for the Facebook Event. Click here to buy tickets

Library Square NYE 2014 (UBC & Friends HookUP)

Click here for the Facebook Event. Click here to buy tickets

The First Annual UBC Polar Bear Swim!

On the last day of classes, hundreds of tenacious, fearless and perhaps slight crazy students immersed themselves in the frigid waters of the Pacific Ocean, celebrating the end of the term and a new UBC tradition!! Filmed and edited by Farhad Ghaderi with the help of Cherihan Gomes Hassun.

The Calendar's Annual Christmas Party [TICKES ON SALE NOW]

Click here for the Facebook Event. Click here to buy tickets

LAST DAY OF CLASS: Polar Bear Swim

The Calendar's [All Ages] Halloween Party

Click here for the full album.


Click Here For Tickets!

We are so freaking stoked on this event. Remember the UBC Harlem Shake?!!! Do to a combination of awesomeness tickets will be starting at only $15! (like what?!!!) We are getting this dealio because it is a UBC exclusive show. Big shoutouts to everyone who made this happen!

Thank You!

Applications are now closed. We have been overwhelmed with all of the interest and would like to take the chance to say thank you for your incredible responses! We are excited to begin this new chapter of the Calendar.

We Want You! Get Involved

The Calendar is a student run organization dedicated to making UBC more fun and building a strong student community. We provide a hub for all things awesome, spread the word about student events, and host a few campus wide ragers of our own.

We are in the process of expanding The Calendar to the next level and we are on the hunt for some more rad people to help us out. We are looking for fun, capable people from a variety of backgrounds and skill sets to add to our team. We have both casual and executive team position openings.

The Calendar provides a realm for creative experimentation and a fantastic stage to develop skills and spearhead innovative ideas. Take advantage of the many perks that come with running the social hub of campus and meet new likeminded people from all corners of UBC at our internal socials.

Rep Team

A team of fun loving and outgoing socialites that somehow manage to know everyone in their respective corners of UBC. You love meeting new people and are always nice to everyone. You go out a fair bit but manage to balance your work and social time. As a Community Rep you both represent and connect The Calendar to your friends and peers at UBC. The Rep team keeps UBC awesome, spreads the word about the calendar and other awesome stuff happening on campus, as well as postering and selling tickets for calendar events. The Rep team meets every second week to brainstorm ideas, promote events, execute fun projects, and hang out! The rep team also serves as a pool of awesome people for next years more senior positions.

Event Manager

An experienced event planner ready to take your skills to the next level. You have a passion for making people happy that has fueled your desire to host. Be the air traffic controllers of The Calendar’s flagship events. Organize logistics, motivate our team, and creatively solve problems under pressure because above all else you know ‘the show must go on’ all with a smile on your face.

Internal Social Coordinator

A fun loving person who loves organizing BBQ and potlucks for your friends and finding excuses to go on outings as a team. You find a way to get to know everyone, and you might just have a bit of border collie in you because you love keeping the pack together. Develop your event skills or give back to the team by organizing awesome social events for The Calendar team to get loose and enjoy each others company.

Twitter Manager / Socialite

Based on your existing account(s) it’s clear that you are a twitter person. You are a social butterfly, inherently quirky and you love keeping the twitter verse updated throughout the day. Let UBC know about upcoming events, respond to fan mentions and event retweets, and keep other partiers in the loop about whats good when you go out.

Creative Team

Are you awesome at something? The Calendar’s creative team is a handful of talented people that lend their skills to make The Calendar more awesome. From shooting photos at UBC parties, filming short videos, painting signs and canvases, writing fun information pieces, to designing info-graphics and posters. We are looking for the following!
• Photography
• Videography
• Graphic Design
• Visual Art
• Creative Writing?
• Other?

Applications Closed.

Welcome Back BBQ Recap Movie

Big shout out to our friends Kaveh Sarhangpour, Nick Grossman & Lu Zhang for putting this together for everyone to enjoy.

Welcome Back BBQ Photos

Click here for the full album.

First Pit Night!

Click here for the full album.

Imagine Day!

Click here for the full album.

Twister Competition at the Pool Party

Click here for the full album.



Hula Hoops, Animal Suits, LED Poi, Feathers, Headdresses, EL Wire, Wizards, Pokemon, Spirit Hoods & of course Glow Sticks.

We are excited to announce our big event of the summer Digital Zoo created to bring the festival spirit home to Vancouver. The concept of Digital Zoo was born on the drive home from every music festival this summer. "Why can't everyday be like this". The event is inspired by festival culture, the feeling of inhibition and connectedness we feel at the hight of a festival. We want to create a space to bring this festival love home with us. Digital Zoo Facebook Event

Summer Sessions #2 & Twister Tournament | Photos

Photos are up from the our second calendar session at Fortune which included our first ever twister tournament and performances by Rebel On a Mountain, Curtis Le Blanc and SRGNZ.

The Calendar Summer Sessions #2

Thank you so much Fortune Sound Club & Cherchez La Femme for inviting us back to do this again and support some legitimately talented local artists! from our very own school!

UBC Get Together & Patio Party | July 12

Goal: get as many UBC homies together in one place as possible. Bring your roommates, bring your new work friends, drink some beer and then we can all head out together for a rowdy night a s fat team.

Event Announcement: Calendar Sessions: Live Series

So stoked to finally be doing this! The goal for The Calendar Summer Sessions is to showcase high quality local artists from UBC and Vancouver on the mains stage at Fortune Sound Club. This is something we have wanted to to try out for along time and we are so stoked to finally be doing it. We want to give UBC and other local artists a space to showcase their talents and projects to friends and the public in a rowdy high energy environment.

After seeing E BUUDA & DEAD M1C (Evan Elman & Mikey Jay Blige) perform at the grad affair in April we couldn't think of a better fit to headline the first go at this experiment. Their energy, legitimate talent as artists, and stage presence highlight exactly what we want this night to be about.

This is a further extension of our "Friday Get Together" project facilitated by the "In Vancouver For The Summer" event. Find out who is here, bring your friends, drink some beer and make some more. So come out a little early this Friday and help us try something a bit different. Support local artists, remember how much you miss live music, and then stick around for the rowdiness that is Happy Ending Fridays at Fortune Sound Club.

UBC Get Together | May 17th

Stoked on the second instalment of our weekly UBC Get Together. Another awesome turnout. Stay tuned to our In Vancouver For The Summer page for details and giveaways for the next one.

In Vancouver For the Summer | UBC Facebook Event

Are you staying in Van for the summer? We are making a page to keep track of your friends and meet new ones. Instead of studying we decided to make a summer-long event so UBC people can keep track of other UBC people who are also kicking in it van this summer! Use this event to find out who is here, make beach plans, make beach party plans, make plans for going out, make volleyball tournaments, etc.

We are also thinking it would be rad to make a bunch of UBC meet-up events, so people can head out with a couple friends who are here, and then meet and party with other UBC homies kickin it in Van for the summer. We are also gonna work on getting some club hookups so we can use our numbers to not pay 15 dollar cover all summer lol.

UBC Get Together | May 10th

First UBC Get together of the summer. We worked out a deal with Joe's Apartment to get everyone discounts all summer. What up 8 dollar cover!

End of Exams After Party ^ Tickets Available

Just click the "TICKETS" tab from the top of the site! Your tickets will be available at will call at the event!

Undie Run 2013

The 4th annual UBC Undie Run organized by our homies at Ski & Board. What an amazing year we have had for school spirt at UBC. I have never been prouder to be a UBC student. Just killin it. Photos Up Now

Block Party 2013

Hands down the best Block Party line up ever, Dillon Francis, Mord Fustang, K'NAAN, and UBC's own Good for Grapes. The rain held off long enough for Ski and Board to tap some kegs in a forrest, The greeks to dance their faces off outside in the greek village at 9 am and other UBC traditions commence without getting to wet. The rain didn't start till Dillon Francis and Mord Fustang took the stage and by that point who wasn't in the mood to rage in the rain. Besides everyone knows strobe lights look fucking amazing in a down poor.

Block Party, Blow Up Dolls, Ticket Give Aways

Facebook shares, "poetry" competitions, drunken easter egg hunts, yelling in the library, tackling people for tickets and saving blowup dolls from drowning the fountain! Thanks for another ridiculous round of Block Party ticket giveaways.

BLANK CANVAS 2.0 Recap Video!

Check out the recap video from Blank Canvas 2.0 UBC first ever on campus paint party! Thank you so much to our videographers from Paris for shooting this for us! They are visiting Canada and found out about the party online before they got here. They sent us a message asking to help out for beer and beer we supplied! These guys are fucking raaaad!


Wow. Thank you UBC for this amazing party. Paint, Graffiti, Live Music, UV lights, and the rowdiest UBC partiers on campus. You guys are amazing! Photos up now.


Just click the "TICKETS" tab from the top of the site! Your tickets will be available at will call at the event!

Yaaaaaaaaay !

Thanks for the love homies!

UBC Harlem Shake // After Movie

Another rad movie from Hollis Mason check out the behind the scene cuts form the making of UBC Harlem Shake.

UBC Harlem Shake Finished! (1500+)

Thank you UBC for making this amazing! Shout out to our homies at Hollis Mason for filming. Thanks to UBC Alma Mater Society for supplying the speakers and another MASSIV shout out to the Totem Homies who got this started! (Jesse Labrecque, Lockie Pedersen, Josh Morgan)!

Gage Goes Wild

Photos are up.

Pit Night #5

Photos are up.

Pit Night #3

Photos are up.

This Week is Arts Week

Karaoke With The Dean @ The Pit
Hip Hop Showcase @ MASS
Anything But Clothes Party (All Ages) @ MASS
Blackout w/ LAZY RICH (19+) @ SUB Ballroom

Beta Animal House #COLLEGE

Photos are up.

The Calendar's Back to School Night Out @ Fortune

Photos are up.

Pit Night #1 Cut Short by a DJ Fire Alarm

AMS President Matt Parson gets groped by adoring fans. The first Pit Night of the year was cut short by a Fire Alarm ultimately leading to more UBC pregnancies as the result of less whisky dick occurrences.

Halloween at The Pit

"Wait... Halloween is on a WEDNESDAY!!!!"

Mo's of UBC

At the end of Movember a couple of Calendar Photographers went on a "Mo hunt" and this is what they found. MOs of UBC.

Rob Talks about The Calendar for the SLC

Rob talks about The Calendar for our upcoming highlighted project at the UBC Student Leadership Conference. This years conference will include 11 highlighted projects over 80 workshops and a dozen of keynote speakers including Frank Warren founder of Post Secret.

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