The calendar’s goal is to create the ultimate college experience at UBC. We want to go to a school that has a real student community, a vibrant social life, awesome events, and epic campus wide traditions that we’ll remember when were 80.

The Calendar takes photos, videos, instas, and snaps of all the awesome stuff happening within the UBC community and reflects it back to campus like a mirror to increase awareness, of all the amazing things happening on our campus.

UBC has so many clubs, faculties and social circles that even with facebook it can still be really difficult to find out about events that are happening outside of your immediate circle if you don’t have a friend directly inviting you. The Calendar’s website is literally a giant calendar (get it), curated each week with all the best things to do on campus in one place: from UBC Improv, slam poetry, guest lecturers and Storm The Wall to student beer gardens, club nights and frat parties.

The Calendar also hosts campus wide events for everyone at UBC to attend from all social circles, and faculties. The goal of Calendar events it to create classic, ridiculous and inclusive campus experiences that everyone can be a part of to.