TIPS | A Letter From Seniors to First Years

by M

April 05, 2017 | 08:26 PM

Dear First Years,

It’s us, the old kids on the block. The ones who mumble when you ask us what year we are in... So what if we changed our minds halfway through? Year 6 is the new year 4. Anyway, this letter is about you... even though we might be jealous of your happiness and pre-freshman-15 bodies, we really do love you. So, we have some tips to share with you that we wish we knew in first year. At times we feel like proud parents as we watch you take your very first shot on a sweaty Pit Night, but other times you’re more like a mess spiraling out of control and puking on our jackets (shoutout to the first year from Scream at the Nest this Halloween). Every once in awhile we will be releasing a post with tips. Some will be useless fun and will (hopefully) make you laugh when the midterm craze gets to be too much, while others will actually be worth taking note of. This is our first go, and if you want to let us know what you think please come in during any of our scheduled office hours that conveniently interfere with all of your scheduled courses (for real we do love feedback, just message us lol).
We admire your first year youth and blatant eagerness, while your spirits still soar high as you welcome in your second semester... Unfortunately our senior souls were sold to misery when our exam schedules fell a minute outside of qualifying for academic hardship and UBC said "Tuum Est". Our response....

Our tips will come in pieces because who would we be if we didn’t let you make mistakes on your own? As much as we might want to forget our old choices (or literally have no memory of our first Toga party) we were first years once too and we know it can be hard. For example, it must be sooooooooooo hard to live in Orchard Commons.

It must be hard to come home to the Taj Mahal every night and sleep in a perfectly new bed that literally no other student has ever been naked in before. It must be difficult to use a floor lounge that has breathtaking views of the sunset, and a microwave that actually heats up your food on the first go. We feel for you students and we are here if you ever need someone to “house sit” while you go away for a weekend… But seriously, you lucked the hell out and we couldn’t be more jealous. We lived in the Vanier ghetto and Totem hood, the houses that our own professors once lived in and still had not been renovated when we moved in. Our blinds didn’t really close and the hallways smelt of that really old couch in your grandma’s house that probably has mold growing underneath it. But hey, we built character, and we learned how easy fire alarms can go off. Shoutout to every first year that has learned that metal utensils truly cannot go in the microwave. To those students who are reliving our struggles, we are here for you. If you ever need moral support when the dryer just can’t get your sheets even remotely dry, we will hold your hand as you silently cry. We understand. This brings us to the first piece of advice:

  Tip 1. Become friends with someone who lives in Orchard Commons (if you haven’t already done so). Spend every waking moment in their room to the point that their RA is no longer sure whose room it really is. When you need to do laundry, bring it all over to their brand new machines and smile with relief as you watch your clothes actually get clean for the first time. You’re welcome.

Enjoy your first week back. We’ll be in touch soon with more tips and tricks to help you make the most out of your first year.  

Much love,
Your Seniors