TIPS | How to Ride The 99 B Line (And Not Suck)

by M

January 23, 2017 | 10:50 AM

This is a long time coming and yet unfortunate that it even needs to be addressed BUT it has come to our attention that many of our peers are unaware of 99 B-Line etiquette. So we are here to help. Step by step we will unfold the secrets of rocking your 99 ride but for starters, we will keep it simple...

Step 1: Take your fucking backpack off.
Just take it off. Let your bag make friends with the floor or your lap, we promise that it won’t catch on fire during it's time off your shoulders. Your response may be, “but my bag is white, I don’t want it to get dirty”, why the f*ck was a white backpack a good choice in the first place? Mate, it’s still coming off. Off, at your feet. Bring a protector bag for it, we don’t care but take it off. DON’T YOU DARE PUT IT ON THE EMPTY SEAT BESIDE YOU. Don’t do that, there are 99 B-Line veterans that go all the way to Commercial, don’t make them stand so your precious Herschel bag can avoid some dirt. Take it off, make room for more people and don’t smoke people in the face with it when you turn to gossip with your friend about the cute boy in the back.

Damn that felt good to get off the chest. A simple step that can make your next 99 ride the most comfortable one yet.

We'll be back soon to uncover the rest of our list, until then keep it classy UBC.