PHOTOS | 7 Reasons Why UBC's Campus WIDE Snowball Fight Was LEGENDARY

by M

April 05, 2017 | 08:28 PM

To a Monday we will never forget... Here's 7 reasons why the snowball fight was absolutely incredible:

1. The guy with the chili pepper shield. You’re one hell of a hipster warrior.

2. This overly ambitious stack of ammo.

3. Getting pelted in the face with a not-so soft snowball but you took it like a champ for the team. (P.S: we are looking for this guy...)

4. The unexpected lesson on human anatomy that left you speechless...

5. The never ending smiling faces!

6. Your inner warrior was unleashed and you have zero regrets because you won that sh*t

7. Realizing that we went VIRAL. Aside from Vancouver Sun, CBC National, World Star, The Daily Hive, Shanghai News, BBC News, Pakistan News & more…

We ALSO got featured on THE LAD BIBLE - the true kings of social media.

We couldn’t have done it without you UBC...we might actually be a fan of this crazy snow after all.


Love Always,

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