RANDOM | The 15 Things You Learned In First Year at UBC

by Karley

April 06, 2017 | 01:39 AM

Congrats you made it! In case you’re wondering what we even learned this year, here’s 15 things that you might actually remember… (aside from mitochondria being the powerhouse of the cell)

1. The inability to wake up even after setting thirty alarms does not just annoy you, but actually your entire floor.


2. There is nothing that food from Triple O’s can't fix. Burgers, fries, chocolate milkshakes...just the thought of it all makes me mentally stable again.

3. You'll say: "I’m never going to the frats again" but end up at the frats next weekend...

4. All nighters are never necessary or a good idea. You need your sleep.

5. Your flex dollars will go really fast. Choose wisely, and remember BOOSTER JUICE is part of flex (this Is information I learned too late #dominosforlife)

6. Have patience finding your squad in first year! Good things come to those who wait.

7. If you're wondering if you should wear a raincoat or not... put your fucking jacket on.

8. EOSC 114 is in no way a GPA booster…

9. One does not simply go to wreck beach to relax, one goes to push their bodies to the breaking point while climbing back up the stairs and debate every domino's pizza you ordered that week.

10. Only thing I learned in ECON 101 was that I am a sunk cost…

11. It’s okay not to know what you're going to do with your life, enjoy first year, no mark is the end of the world. In 10 years no one will be thinking about the MATH 104/184 midterm.

(unless your plans are med school, then every mark matters)

12. Be kind! Except to the people who pull the fire alarms in rez… not even God can clear their sins.

13. Don't worry, you're not an alcoholic, you're just in university.

14. The enchanted forest is only as enchanted as you make it.

15. You came to terms with the fact that you are not an Olympic speed walker and cannot make it to Buchanan from Totem in 10 minutes.


The fifteen things that high school could have never taught us…

Now let’s go crush those finals (or at least pass them)